Labelling Machine

ERDA produces best and highest quality labelling machines for your needs. ERDA produces different kinds of labellng machines, these are: automatic label print and apply systems, card feeders, front/back labelling machine, label rewinders, label dispensers, labelling machine heads, pharma (for pharmaceutical industry) labelling machines, bottle labeller machine, semi automatic labelling machine, sleeve labelling machines, top surface labelling machines, wrap around labelling machine, tube labelleing systems and many more… As you can see ERDA manufatures all kinds of labelling systems for all your needs. If you are looking for labelling machine for bottles or if you are looking for labelling machine for clothes or for any other needs you can find them among our products. Things should be considered before deciding about a labelling system are its speed, security and quality. We produce high-speed and reliable labelling systems in a cost effective manner. So you get the value out of a labelling machine. We pay attention to product security every time. During the last 20 years none of our products caused injury of operators. Moreover our products works flawlessly. Just run and forget. If our machines are correctly set, they do not give and error or failure during run. So it will help your work efficiency to increase. You should not have to bother with unnecessary device failures that cost you time and money. You can buy any kind of label applicator or labelling machine without any doubt. The number of our clients and variety of them can prove the quality of our products and quality of our service. We have various clients almost at each country of the world. We have more than 1300 clients and increasing continuously. Our product prices and spare part costs are economic compared to our competitors, moreover we deliver the best quality and longest machine operation life. If you want a custom solution for your case we can help you. We can produce any kind of labelling machine that best fit your situation. Our labelling systems are capable of printing single or multi labels concurently and with various orientations. With quick changeover time and errorless operation speed, our machines provides the maximum output in a given time frame.

Labelling Machines’ Attachments

We produce different kinds of equipments for our labelling machines. Labeling machines are reasonable for labeling of curved, level confronted, round, funnel shaped, hexagonal or square molded jugs, containers, holders in nourishment, refreshment, substance, pharmaceutical, beautifying agents, cleansers products. The labeling machines are likewise utilized for labeling container boxes with L-molded bandrol marks. We also manufature labelling machine for bottles and labelling machine for clothes. No mattter what you are looking for we can help you label your products fastly and in a cost effective manner. We also produce various kinds of attachments and equipments for customization of our labelling systems and label applicator system. While you can buy these parts separately, you can also buy these labelling equipments along with our products. These labelling machines’ attachments include: Reject systems, card feeders, label rewinders and dispensers. Reject systems are used to expel the non-conforming products from conveyor line. This way at the end of conveyor line, error rate drops to zero. Card feeder is another utility that can help labelling machine. Card feeder is utilized to sustain container labels, vertical pockets, cards and so forth. Creative plan of EFEED card feeder allows simple alteration for shifting item thickness and width. Discretionary additional speed modification gives exact gapping change required by the sort of use. EFEED card feeder sustains cards, containers, vertical pouchs to the transport line where the items are set in item magazine. In this manner items are bolstered to the transport line with a pre-balanced hole. Label dispenser on the other hand helps stripping of the label from the web thus it prevents the corruption occured to the label during manual stripping from the label web. Label dispensers can handle various sizes of labels starting from 15mm upto 200mm. We offer different kind of label rewinders for different label sizes. You can look for the details from the related product pages. Also we provide label rewinders. AS the name indicates they help labelling machine at the phase of label rewinding. They are fully made of steel and help to rewind clock-wise or counter clock-wise directions.