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Established in 1994, ERDA BILIMSEL ARASTIRMA EGITIM HIZMETLERI LTD. STI. is almost the most important labelling machine producer with ability to design technologically innovative systems. 800 clients in 33 countries using 2500 ERDA machines is a bare proof of this fact.

Until 1997, ERDA has imported labeling machines of well known Italian company ALTECH. Since then ERDA has started to produce labeling machines with original designs using ALTECH labeling heads with microprocessor control and stepping motor..

In two applications, labeling machines have exceeded the output of 80.000 pieces/hour. Everyday, more than 10.000.000 products are labelled by labelling machines supplied by ERDA. Five approachs have concluded this fact:


The main principles in the design of labeling machines are performance, durability, ergonomy, hygen and esthetic aspects. Main target is the compatibility with strict quality standards like CE. All systems of the labeling machines are planned in a modular fashion for versatility, easy control and ease of disassembling. The design of the labeling machinery has been conducted in AUTOCAD environment.


The main construction of labeling machinery is based on AISI 304L grade stainless steel, high quality aluminum and high tech plastic materials. The electronics and pneumatic components of Schneider, Omron, Weidmuller, Sanyo, Sisel, Sick, Finder, Festo, SMC are used for confidence under any working condition. All labellers are stepping motor driven.


The installation and performance/product testing of labeling machines are conducted by experienced technicians. The systems utilized incorporates latest technological innovations.

After sales technical service

All parts of labeling machinery are kept in stock to enable daily delivery. Technical service is provided by experienced mechanics, electricians or electronic technicians. Each machine delivered is accompanied with an instruction manual covering electrical diagrams and list of spare parts.


The collaboration started in 1996 with well known Italian producer of labeling machinery, ALTECH has enabled ERDA to provide technologically innovated labeling machinery to its customers at the same time with European market.

To the future together, we add value to your label

56 countries .. 1400 clients .. 4000 Labelling Machines

ERDA established in April 1994 and started operation at its office in Kadıköy Bahariye Street.

ERDA signed exclusive distributorship agreement with Italian ALTECH, well known labelling machines producer in March 1996.

Besides complete ALTECH made labellers, ERDA started to produce some models of labelling machines using high-tech ALTECH labelling heads

5 June 1998: first machine export to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

September 2001: movement to workshop at Uskudar Ornek town.

September 2007: movement to 800 square meter modern factory at Umraniye Serifali Town.

27 April 2012: export to Albania as 30th country after European countries such as Germany, Netherland and Belgium.

ERDA team who are in contact with our customers:

Saner San - Mechanical Engineer

Saner San - Mechanical Engineer

Managing Director

Zeynep Sergen

Zeynep Sergen

Accounting and Personnel

Elif Yıldırım - Mechanical Engineer

Elif Yıldırım - Mechanical Engineer

Sales and Marketing

Aylin Şal - Mechanical Engineer

Aylin Şal - Mechanical Engineer

Sales and Marketing

Eda Ipek Yilmaz - Electronics and Communications Engineer

Eda Ipek Yilmaz - Electronics and Communications Engineer

Sales and Marketing

Hande Ilucanli - Electronics Technician

Hande Ilucanli - Electronics Technician

Spare Parts

Betul Kosger - Mechanical Engineer

Betul Kosger - Mechanical Engineer



Company Name

Erda Bilimsel Arastirma Egitim Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti.


Serifali Mahallesi Bayraktar Bulvari Burhan Sokak No: 10

34775 Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey

Tax Office


Tax Number

342 002 8978

Mernis Number

0342 002 8978 00014


Commerce Registration Number

Kadiköy 13280

Registration Office

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Official Registration Gazette Date and Number

05/10/1994 – 3631 Page: 33

ERDA is member of the following institutions

Association of Label Manufacturers

Packaging Machinery Association

İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (Registration No: 13280)

İstanbul Chamber of Industry (Registration No: 34882)

Middle Anatolia Exporters Union (Membership No: 10337)