ERDA has designed a numerous number of special labelling machines for their quality conscious customers.


Labelling Machine Applications

The first cold brew tea of Turkey launched by Dogadan has reached market shelves with lemon, peppermint, green tea and gincer series. The conical shape of glass bottle, full wrap-aroun label, transparent label and high capacity requirement was a real challenge for ERDA to design a wrap-around labelling machine. An outstanding number of special accessories, all genuine design of ERDA are utilized on labelling machine and the result was excellent labelled product at 150 bottles/minute output.


Labelling Machine For Bottle

First of all, bottle labelling is a process that needs speed and quality. Becasue you have to print label to many products without any fault. The leading construction chemicals company Tekno Yapı has chosen ERDA labeling machine for the newly introduced TEKNOBOND 400S two component resin mortar. ERDA labeling machine labels the big tube of the two tube product. TEKNOBOND 400S is widely used for quality conscious customers in construction sector.

Laurus Pharma

Laurus Pharma has procured 2 ampoule labelling machines from ERDA. The ampoule labelling machine is capable of labelling 2, 3, 4,5 and 10ml ampoules at a capacity of 250 ampoule/minute. The printer mounted on labelling head prints expiry date and batch number on labels. The ampoules are directly fed from trays and collected on trays automatically.

Betek Boya

Labelling Machine For Coloring Systems

Filli Boya has purchased a front/back labelling machine to label 3 size of Alpina Pro coloring systems. The labelling machine delivered on March 2010 is used to label containers in elephant form. 3 labels, namely front label, back label and top label have been applied at the same time. The capacity of the labelling machine reachs 100 containers per minute.

Zet Pharma

16 pieces of top surface labelling machines were recently delivered to Zet Pharma company, an eligible pharma sub-contracter. Each machine labels imported pharma boxes at capacities of 20.000 boxes per hour. The machine has interesting accessories such as camera control box square code, inlet conveyor belt for easy box feeding, safety cabinet for extra hygen, full speed control in syncronisation with box feeding.

Kent Gida (Kraft Foods Corp.)

The print & apply labelling labelling system delivered to Kent Gıda labels carton boxes. SATO OEM printer enables graphics-barcode-text printing on labels. A special adapting system permits corner labelling (label extends in 2 adjacent side surfaces).

Fersan Sirke

Labelling Machine For Adhesive Labellers

The premium brand Fersan has purchased its first self-adhesive labellers from ERDA, while changing from glue labellers. 2 labelling machines delivered on 9 March 2010 are used to label square glass bottles and round PET bottles from 200cc upto 2000cc. The production speed is as high as 250 bottles per minute in PET line. The newly launched labelling heads of Italian ALTECH company, namely ALritma-X is capable to handle 400mm diameter label rolls. The microprocessor has memory of 40 formats for 40 different type of products.

ACT (Arian Chimia Tech-Golrang Holding)

Our customer uses labelling machine for bottles. My Cosmetics is the leading brand of colored cosmetics in Iran. ERDA has delivered Arian Chimia a series of labelling machines to label liquid fountain, eye lash, eye liner, nail polish, etc. Lastly, front/back labelling machines labels newly launched dermatological shampoos.