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Automatic wrap-around labeling machine is suitable for partial or full wrap-around labeling of round, conical, hexagonal or square shaped bottles,... read more



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Automatic wrap-around labeling machine is suitable for partial or full wrap-around labeling of round, conical, hexagonal or square shaped bottles, jars, containers. The conveyor band, product spacing device and wrap-around belt are driven by independant motors for high speed and good labeling precision. The labeling machines can be equipped with microswitch for transparent labels, hot foil printer, labeling head micrometric inclination system for conical and angled products, feeding/accumulation rotary tables, safety cabinet with interlock switches and camera control.

Eline-C wrap-around labelling machines are equipped with ALstep or ALritma model self adhesive labelling heads as per capacity requirement. Belt conveyor or slat chain conveyor systems of various width and length are used as per the nature of products. Different shape of products other than cylindirical such as conical round, square, hexagonal or octogonal can be labelled with genuine ERDA design special accessories.

Superior Features:

Easy adjustments

All adjustment of wrap-around labeling machines are made by hand wheels. Thus, product change-over from one size to another is accomplished in minutes.

Wrap-around belt

The wrap-around belt which rotates the product to wrap the label onto it is powered by independant motor-reducer with speed control by inverter. Different type and size of wrap-around belts are used on ERDA labeling machines as per the product shape and size. There are numerous type of belts varying as per the application. ERDA guarantees wrinkle-free and bubble-free labeling with labeling machines.

 Product spacing systems

The products should be spaced prior to labeling station for a smooth labeling operation.Various spacing systems are engaged in labeling machines, all being unique ERDA design as per the product size, shape and required capacity. Main spacers are independent motor-reducer driven wheel type spacer with speed adjustment by inverter, side belt spacer, timing scroll and pneumatic piston.

Main basement frame

Wrap-around labeling machine has a basement frame made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The labeling machine conforms the GMP requirements with long life materials and hygenic design.

User-friendly control unit

The control unit of thewrap-around labeling machine is positioned ergonomically. As all the adjustments of labelling machine is made from electronic control unit, no difficult mechanical adjustments exist as in the other classical labelling machines


All labeling machines made in ERDA are fully tested in conformity with CE norms and safety regulations. All design and production data is kept in ERDA archives.

Technical Specifications

Label width

Max: 100mm (E, S) / 200mm (EM, M) / 300mm (L)

Conveyor belt widths

40mm, 80mm (standard), 150mm, 250mm (belt)

83mm (standard), 114mm, 152mm, 191mm (slat chain)

Conveyor belt lengths

2000mm (standard), 2500mm, 3000mm


Touch screen microprocessor with 40 memory (ALritma)

LCD display microprocessor (ALstep)

Standard Alarms

End of roll / web brake

Labelled product counter


Label roll diameter

300 mm max  (41/76mm abel roll core diameter) standard

400 mm max  (76mm abel roll core diameter) optional

Printer (hot foil or thermal transfer)


Max Label dispensing speed

15 – 90mt/min (depending on labelling head)

Label positioning

Electronics (mm)

Missing label recovery system


Transparent label sensor


Near end of label roll alarm


Speed synchronisation with encoder


Safety cabinet


Power consumption

800 W

Electrical supply

240 V – 50 Hz – single phase (ECO model 400V three phase)

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